Our History


Our History

St Thomas Church started in April 1963 at the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) hall in District 6, Cape Town.  Then, the congregation consisted of people from different cultural backgrounds, all living in the same communities and attending and serving at the new church.

Then in the late 1960s the Group Areas Act of the Apartheid came into effect, and because of this, those who were “not white” were forced to leave their homes in District 6.  People were forcibly relocated to an area called the Cape Flats, a distance out of the city, including this area called Heideveld.

The church continued to meet in homes, called ‘cottage meetings’ in the Heideveld area.  The meeting  together of different cultures was no more – as dictated by the then political regime in South Africa.  The church started meeting in the home of the Yule sisters, and then, in 1969, the building in which we currently meet, was built.  A significant contributor to this building and ministry was Murray Hofmeyer.


God has been pleased to continue to bless the work of St Thomas Church in Heideveld by providing the church with leaders who have faithfully served over the years, pastoring the people of Heideveld and faithfully preaching the gospel and other gospel partners who support the work financially.


reachlogoemailsigWe are part of the denomination/family of churches called REACH SA (Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church of South Africa and hold to the 39 Articles.


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